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Specialists in athletic/correct COLORED 1/2 Arabians! Be sure to come back for our new photos and video of the grown up Hotshot, along with some gorgeous palomino foals we will offer in late summer 2018. Including a sweepstakes nominated filly out of our fabulous EDEN C daughter Ellie Mae PF.


Now a Sweepstake nominated sire! Introducing our CREMELLO ARABIAN cross stallion KS PYCHES HOTSHOT! Pictures and Video taken at 3 years of age!

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Hotshot Video     

Hotshot Video     











About KS Psyches Hotshot:
Hotshot was a vision I had 10 some years ago. My passion is the Arabian horse, but my desire was and always has been quality athletic sport type Arabians with flashy colors and sweet brains. I bred my purebred Arabian mares to outside colored stallions over the years, never ending up with the WOW most of us Arabian people desire. I was finding out quickly that wasting time and money with no predictable guarantee was not where I wanted to be. You can fill in the blanks between that and now. And here he is FINALLY! Born here in 2013. Not only does he meet the WOW, he also put HOLY COW WOW on his babies! So exciting watching a goal come to fruition! His bloodlines are not often seen in cremello Arabians, the old blood mixed with a little new blood proved to be just the right mix. (see pedigree link below, click back to return) Hotshot sports 73% Arabian blood, 25% Saddlebred which made him a BIG POWERHOUSE sport horse mover, and 2% AQHA that added to his girth. The resulting foals out of Purebred mares are almost 7/8 Arabian in blood and receive their 1/2 Arab papers through their dams, but still have a full pedigree on both sides; Also that includes the secondary registration of color through prospective registries.

Below is Hotshots first colt, KS VANILLA SPARK out of the lovely PGF Bella Tara.(shown here all natural in her fat pasture glory) UPDATE: We have a confirmed full sibling coming in 2017! This unborn foal is offered now for pre-birth purchase! Get on our "interested" list now! Special consideration to show homes.





Sparks video     



KS Montana Bold Rush











FOR SALE! Inquire with offers. Responsible discerning breeding home is desired, but will sell as a great riding gelding as well. Rush is an excellent trail mount.

About KS Montana Bold Rush:
Rush came before Hotshot 17 years ago. Same vision, just different color. Rush is homozygous tobiano, sports 96% Arabian blood. Babies are big, bay and white, athletic with amazing bone and brains. Type and gorgeous, that goal was fulfilled. I leased Rush for the past 7 years where he was a pet and riding horse. Now he's back for the 2017 season with us. Pedigree and a few baby pictures below. Rush has been quite a nice cross on warmblood mares as well.


A few Rush foals including one Warmblood cross















Currently we have both Hotshot and the gorgeous Rush available for 2017 Stud service.

One of our most exciting and successful programs here at Khemostar is our custom mare leasing/breeding options. Not everyone has a mare, the time, the experience or the ability to breed their own foal. We have 5 wonderful athletic sport horse mares, each of very different types. We offer onsite custom breeding leases. We do all the work and expense. We help you choose the correct mare for your desired result. You may choose one of our stallions or an outside stallion of your choice. We then do all the work for you. We keep it affordable for the average horse home, we want to share our Arabians with every one, promoting the breed to those new comers who other wise shy away from the big expense of owning a quality Arabian. Bare with me as I need presentable pictures of most of our mares. We are proud of the fact that our girls roam 30 glorious acres with woods and creek to play in. Rarely do they need to see a stall. This is how we raise our babies too, FREE, not locked up. Great for the body and the mind!

PGF Bella Tara (RDO Faserrs Fury X GC Isabella)

KS Asadds Joharah (SUD Addis X KS Asadds Khari )

KS Treasures Dezi R (Aldebars Treasure X KS Asadds Joharah)

Paris Dargent (Khartoon Khlassic X Lady Amadeus)

Ellie Ma PF (Eden C X MSU Vivian Lee)


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